Friday, September 17, 2010

Jorge` Turns 14

Someone in Guatemala counts on my love. And I love him.

His name is Jorge`, and on Tuesday, he turns 14. He is my sponsor son, and across the miles, I wonder, wonder what he is doing during each day. I see in each picture I receive from Compassion International how much he grows each year. I see in the words of his letters, how he's growing mentally.

I hear of soccer and a new backpack he received with last year's Christmas gift. I hear his brother is sick. I hear of weather, and months ago, his fears that H1N1 would strike Guatemala. So here I am a thousand miles away from him, in his mountain village, praying God would protect him.

I see in the pictures he's drawn for me through the years that he's learning about the world around him. When he was younger, I mentioned that I grew up in a town steeped in the history of the railroad, and he drew me an adorable train in colored pencil. I mentioned flowers I tend in my landscaping, and the letter I received from him in August, shows the intricate layers of a rose - like the roses bordering my home. He pays attention, this boy does.

I love him. And I love his letters.

He says, "Please keep praying for me." And thanks me because he knows I do.

It doesn't cost much, sponsoring a child - $38 per month through Compassion International. And when I sponsor Jorge` through Compassion, I know he's receiving something far more important than an education. Far more important even than meals, birthday and Christmas gifts. He receives the good news of Jesus Christ, that he died, was buried and rose again, for Jorge` (for me, for you, for all of us) so we might spend forever in Heaven with our perfect Maker. We just have to reach out in faith.

Jorge` lives a life we in America would still call poverty, even with my help. But He has hope. God's care. And did I mention I love him?

What do you think? Won't you do this? Won't you honor my sponsor son Jorge` on his 14th birthday, Sept. 21, and more importantly Jesus Christ, by going to, and sponsoring a child?

Are you friends with my husband, Rod Bergren, on Facebook? Do you follow him on Twitter? Being a Diet Mountain Dew addict, anytime someone catches him drinking Dew, or mentioning Dew on Facebook or Twitter, he's coughing up a dollar. Won't you do something?

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