Thursday, September 23, 2010

Helene's Psalm

God, I thank you
For your counsel
exceeds my wisdom

I praise you
for sustaining love
for clarity

for the epiphany moment

for the understanding
for the direction

I praise you
for the relief
for taking my burden
for lifting my spirits
for casting away confusion
and hurt

I praise you

for all you impart

I praise you
for peace

©Helene Bergren. All Rights Reserved.
In our church, we are in the midst of a series called Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, based on a book by the same name (and based on God and His Word, obviously). Our pastor preached out of Psalms, and gave us space to write our own. The above poem/blog post comes from that time. The day before, God had just given me real peace about some directions and focus in terms of career and education for me and in our home. Praise Him continually.

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  1. Four Questions

    Are you desiring and needing peace in a certain area?

    Have you experienced times of confusion in your purpose?

    What do you do to cling to Christ in those times?

    Do you have a story of delivery from something similar that you would like to share on this blog?