Monday, August 25, 2014

A Heritage from the Lord

I often hear people talk about the burdens of parenting, right in front of their children. Ouch.

Yes, parenting takes full engagement, physical, mental, emotional and, yes, spiritual. It's work. The depth of the demands surprise us. But so do the rewards. Somewhere along the way, did someone tell us parenting isn't a blessing?

Or did we go the other direction, and turn our children into little idols? Another fair question for our day, but another post.

Did we forget that the Lord takes the hard days, the 104 degree fevers, spinal taps, two-year-old temper tantrums, ADD, piano recitals, struggles with costume modesty for dance competitions, good grades, sweet teachers, and He uses all of it for our character, and our child’s?

I'm not saying, mind you, that God wants illness or sin. God is good. He set the standard, but we live in a world that doesn't function as He planned. I could talk about the enemy, his minions and our God-given authority, but that's another topic. I'm wondering about our thought patterns about parenting.

God’s so wise, so loving, so relevant, that He uses lots of different events - skinned knees, bike wrecks, humdrum hours, bubbles in the bathtub and athletic and academic triumphs, however that's defined for your child.

Yes, He uses that which the world intended for evil, too. Further, He uses the little events — sweeping the spilled Cheerios for the seventh time, shocking trials you thought you knew your child would never experience, boring waiting rooms and our own unreasonable expectations. My in-control, but free-will-giving Lord turns that all into a glorious story about His creation when we're open to His molding. 

His creations include the children He chose to make and entrust to us. He continues to work. Our children's lives and ours write a testimony of His rich provision, grace, mercy, love, and so much more. Did we forget?

Do we forget? Do I? Sometimes. 

Children are a heritage from the Lord, a gift, other versions say.