Friday, May 6, 2011

You Are: 2 Tim. 2 Prayer

You Are
You are faithful
            When I am not
You are strong
            When I am weak
You see the way
And know the outcome
            When I do not.

You fill me with love for others,
            When my ability to reach out and love runs low.
You show me my frailties, and gently, my mistakes,
            When I need to express compassion and mercy and grace.
You warm me,
            When I am cold —
Soften my heart,
            When I feel anger, disappointment, distrust.

You help me look to You,
            When I want earthly blessings.
You reward me
for hard work.

You spread Your Good News.

You are faithful,
            When my faith falters.
You show me your Truth,
            And I will not deny You.

You are the solid foundation.
You know me as Yours.

You guide me in righteous living,
You cleanse me from my temptations and errors,

You lead me as I chase after
                        Your righteousness, faith, love and peace
                        with my brothers and sisters in Christ,
                        Who seek You with genuine hearts of love.
You love me
And coax me into a life of steadfast grace
            In Jesus Christ.

Inspired by 2 Timothy 2

©Helene Bergren. All Rights Reserved.

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