Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sweet Praise Singalong

Precious, sweet times.

Despite car issues with our teenager’s ’84 VW Rabbit, Tuesday turned out moving, and sweet. My group of girls worked hard in Awana, our inspiring children’s ministries director gave the lesson during our large group teaching time, and then God took such a nice evening serving Him, and ended it on a high note.

In the dark drive home from Awana Tuesday night, with the kids piled in my red Rondo,my eyes peeled for deer in the autumn darkness and my radio tuned to Life 107.1, we sang a few great songs on the way home.

My son, nine, was sitting right behind me, and he knew the lyrics to Chris Tomlin’s, “Our God.”

We sang -
“Our God is greater, our God is stronger
God You are higher than any other
Our God is Healer, awesome in power
Our God, Our God…"

And we sounded good together. God was at work on that, let me tell you. I could throw off any praise band if I hopped in as guest vocalist.

Look at this inspiring video of Tomlin’s song:

As we neared home we sang, Hillsong’s version of “Mighty to Save.”

“So take me as you find me
All my fears and failures
Fill my life again…
He can Move the Mountains,
My God is mighty to save,
Mighty to save."

Check out this “Mighty to Save” video, too:

What joy we shared driving home, praising God together. The girls’ pretty, teen voices, blending with David’s and mine, sounding nice, sending up sincere praise.

Not a bad Tuesday considering Monday started with two of the kids getting in a physical fight involving helmet-throwing, dog-hogging and leg-twisting while Mom was indisposed. Just keeping it real. Praise God.

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